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Do you want to move from employee to employer or be the CEO of your own solopreneur business? Arriving here signals that you are looking to transform your business life.  

I am Nia Pirnat and as your coach I will assist you in creating your own successful business that brings fire and passion to your life. From dream - to start-up - to successful business I will help you create the vision and plans that will make your new business a reality! 

I work with experienced professionals who who are burned out, fed up or just bored with their current work and know there is something more. I help them decide their next move into a a business of their own that restores passion and energy to their lives.
Are you one of these professionals? Then you are in the right place where my services can help catapult you into the business that inspires and motivates you to the happiness and fulfillment you so desire.

Coaching is a passport to your ultimate destination. I coach nationally and internationally through Skype and will put 100% of my experience and expertise is at your service to create the new vision that is yours alone. Together we can put the passion back into your work life.

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This amazing session will show you: 
  1. The vision of an amazing future that is meant for you.
  2. Clearly what your situation is right now.
  3. What is really holding you back 
  4. If my services are a good fit for you 
  5. You choose the first step to begin your perfect work right now. 
  6. It is that easy. 

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.” 
“The moment you definitely commit yourself, then Providence moves too.                All sorts of things occur to help you that would never otherwise have occurred.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now."

Contact: Nia Pirnat 
 or call: 309.275.6875

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