Transformation Now! - Personal Coaching for Professionals
What is Coaching?
Personal Coaching is an empowering relationship of equality between you and your coach where you will clarify your vision for the future, evaluate what you need to realize it, plan and actualize the path to get you there with steps that begin immediately. It is a choice specific to you and as we evaluate your expertise, experience and strengths we will build the plan that takes you to that result.  

We begin with your Vision, then evaluate your history, assess strengths and values, then formulate an action plan, with goal progress, accountability and the flexibility to change course as your progress moves you toward your desired destination.   

Coaching offers more than a change in business, it transforms your life.  

  • What did you love to do when you were a child or in school that you gave up as an adult?
  • What does that tell you about yourself ?
  • How can you bring more of that vibrancy and passion to your work now?
  • Do you wish you had work that makes boredom impossible?
  • If there were no limitations, what work would you choose?

         If you are between jobs:

  • What now constitutes purpose and meaning?
  • Who are you now that your work no longer defines you? 
  • Who do you want to be and how will you turn change into opportunity? 
  • What new work will challenge you, grow your potential and serve the greater good?

        Coaching asks:  

  • What ignites the fire of your passion for life? 
  • How does this shape your next step toward your life's work?
  • What 1 step will take you closer to your destination right now?
  • Are you ready to stop playing small and change not only your life
                                      but change the world?

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