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Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt on Coaching
Formal Google CEO, Eric Schmidt talks about the benefits of coaching
                                Eric Schmidt  
You Tube Interview: The Best Advice I Ever Got  -
Hire a Coach Advice on being a successful CEO
 “One example that comes to mind is to have a coach. A board member in 2002 said to me, ‘you need a coach.’ Eric said, I am an established CEO, why would I need a coach is there something wrong? No, no he said you need a coach. Everybody needs a coach. So Bill Campbell became my coach and he served me very well.
Every famous athlete has a coach, and every famous performer has somebody who’s a coach.  They have somebody who can watch what they are doing and say, "Is that what you really meant?"  Eric said, “They can give you perspective because one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them.  A coach really helps.” 
Proven Results: Coaching Clients   

Nena and Marc 

Nena  Artist, and Circus Performer 

January 2014
When I started coaching, I felt very unsure of the path I was taking in life and in my career.  I didn’t know where to put my focus.  I felt disconnected with my dreams and goals.  Wasn’t sure what I truly wanted apart from what I felt was supposed to be important. I wanted to learn how to listen to myself and not let others distract me. 

I wanted to start a business of my own that had to do with Circus Performers and was not sure how to begin. I needed to figure out what was most important to make me happy and what my next move needed to be.

Starting coaching was like a blank page.  I discovered things that were stopping me from achieving my goals and stopping my happiness.  It has helped me understand how to listen to myself and my trust decisions.  After coaching, I took a risk in quitting my job and moving to the city.  I wanted to for 2 years, but I had been scared of failing. 

Now, I not only work at a job that is contributing to my future goals.  I’m living in a place that makes me happy and offers opportunities that I am interested in.  

I certainly recommend coaching with Nia to others.  She has great techniques and coaching skills that help you realize things about yourself that you may not have understood before.  With this, she can help you find answers within yourself to achieve your goals.
Update July 2014: Nena found her dream work and now teaches in a Circus Troupe that trains Circus performers. She is fulfilling her dream of travel by moving to another country and starting her own troupe there.

"Since working with Nia, I finally feel like the path to my dreams is unfolding and I am taking action with confidence that I never had before. I am happier with myself and my choices and have started to look at events in my life differently and more positively. I feel fortunate to have met Nia at such a turning point in my life and my career. I intend to stay connected to Nia and recommend her to anyone who does not feel satisfied with the life they have chosen."

Marc    Hotel Management and Health Care Provider

For me, coaching was a growing process that helped me clarify and plan to reach my goals. I have learned to trust and value myself and plan steps to accomplish what I want in life. My main goal in coaching was to find my passion and create a career from it.  At the same time strengthen and trust myself.

Coaching is not a quick answer to your life decisions. It is helps you build a strong foundation for decision-making so you can choose work based on your talents and strengths.  I have learned to trust and value myself more and plan steps to accomplish what I want.

In the course of coaching I have taken progressive steps towards achieving the life I want. I have now taken a position in Hotel Management with the ability to use my Health training in physical fitness, planning and developing programs for the hotel spa.  I have taken more responsibility for all aspects of my life and have made changes accordingly. My life is fulfilling, and I am realizing and living my passions day by day. 

Coaching is a great tool to help you reach any goal you set for yourself. I would recommend coaching to others who want more from their lives and are willing to do something about it.  The answers do not always come easy, but the results are worth it. 

Lynn    Music Therapist
Coaching empowers you to become more active in creating a life you love. I worked with Nia while making a professional work transition and experimented with two part time positions while I decided which was for me. I felt listened to, in control, and empowered to evaluate my decisions and make positive changes.  She was constantly taking into account my deepest values, dreams, goals, and fears.
Nia provided a space for me to uncover what might help me grow, and she offered invaluable insights within a professional relationship.  She helped me connect to the bigger picture, because she knows me and my values so well.  She was able to work with me on a deep level.  I am learning how to appreciate obstacles as learning opportunities.
Coaching has been a consistent, positive, deeply valued part of my life.  It has included moving and beginning a new professional and social life.  She helped me to answer my own questions, tap into my own intuition, and develop my own coping tools.   

Update May 2014: Lynn decided which position was for her and moved into a full time position doing work she loves in an atmosphere that supports her professional growth.

 Amanda    HR for a Fortune 500 Company
                      Membership Chair:  B/N Chapter
                      Association for Women In Communications

Nia’s coaching helped me verbalize my deepest desires and goals.  Once spoken, Nia gave me an assignment that opened new doors for me.  The assignment was simply to write a short article on a topic of my choosing.  Doing that simple assignment launched me in a new direction, and I’m now taking actions to make my dreams a reality. 

My article is now a workshop. I’m developing other workshops, I’ve launched a website, and I’m pursuing my dream of being a public speaker.  Whether paid or unpaid, it’s not about the money.  It’s about living my life with passion, doing something I truly love that can benefit others, and leaving a lasting legacy.  Nia helped me realize that’s what I wanted, and she suggested the action steps to move me in that direction. Thanks Nia!

Kathy     Communications Services
               for a Fortune 500 Company
                   President Emeritus  B/N Chapter
                   Association for Women in

I began coaching because I was ready to make some changes in my professional and personal life.  I also wanted to explore some options as I look forward to my immediate and distant future.  I was intrigued by the opportunity to use my creativity to reflect and get a different perspective on events that have been taking place in my life. 
I recommend coaching to anyone who is seeking  growth and transition in their professional life.  I especially enjoyed the opportunity to outline ideas or issues in my life and then collaborate with Nia to determine a method to dig deeper.  She would suggest an idea or ask questions, and I would have the opportunity to provide input or push back.  Nia is very observant and insightful, and I feel that she readily confirmed my values and helped me discover things that I wasn’t aware of for myself.  I was initially concerned about the cost of coaching, but I can say now that I have realized the value of using coaching in developing myself.  I’m a firm advocate of self-development and self-awareness. I would recommend coaching to anyone who is seeking growth and making transitions in their business and personal lives.  

Kris   Former Director:                                       Law Enforcement Training

I was just getting ready to retire from a thirty-four year career in law enforcement when I began coaching with Nia. I knew this professional transition would include a life style change and I was still struggling with my husband’s sudden death.  Little did I know what I was about to discover.

Soon I realized that I needed to find a way to gently let go of the past, as well as honor it, and move on with my life.  I also knew that as a widow, my life was never to be the same.  For those reasons and for the first time, I wanted someone to accompany me as I decided how I would create my new future life.                 

First, coaching did not choose my path but provided a way to help me explore and discover how I could accomplish my goals.  Through conversation, visualization sessions and writing assignments I began to see how I was personally holding myself back.  Many times my coach suggested that I was not using the right side of my brain and she provided tasks and assignments to do so.  While these were challenging, her coaching techniques proved quite successful.

Coaching has shown me how to take time off to balance my life and still be productive. I learned how I could let go of the past and still honor it.  I also learned that by acquiring my own things I was placing my mark on the family history. Coaching also helped me to step back and give myself credit for my accomplishments as I had always felt that my success was due to the efforts of others.                     

Coaching helped me discover ways to address issues and transition to a new life. The ongoing results of coaching/lessons learned continue to influence me in everyday life. I highly recommend coaching, especially for those with a strong A type personality such as myself. With the willingness to open your mind and face challenges, coaching will provide benefits not imagined.  For anyone considering coaching, I would suggest that Nia Pirnat is excellent.  She will travel the coaching path with you, but not for you.  Her expertise and true concern for others provides a very solid foundation for success.

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