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      Nia Pirnat: Your International Coach  

No matter where you live across the country or across the globe, if you need a professional coach to help you identify and find the work you love then look no further. I have been effectively coaching professionals internationally in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada as well as across the US through Skype or phone. I have found that no matter the continent, business professionals face the same challenges in identifying work they love that will support their lifestyle rather than settling for work that simply provides money and a large dose of boredom or discontent. 
My Story:

 I came to coaching as a client undergoing a major life transition. I had the unlikely situation of knowing who I am and having a rich background of experience but not knowing what I wanted to do with it. A friend had become a Life Coach and she suggested I coach with her. So began a professional relationship that literally changed my life. 

For more than 10 years I had been married and working in a family business. When I became single again I started not only a new life but wanted a new profession as well. I had worked for a Fortune 500 company for many years as well as Real Estate Management, and retail sales but found that owning my own business as a solopreneur was the best fit for me. As a professional watercolor painter I had started a commission business painting Home Portraits and gained a seat on the Board of Directors of a national watercolor society.

Earlier in my career I spent 8 years as co-coordinator for a women's shelter where I did informal counseling and advocacy, often helping new clients find work and financial support. I realized that as a coach I could live out my intrinsic values of compassion, integrity and freedom while helping others find work they would love that would bring them success, happiness and a fulfilled life. 

After researching different coaching programs I decided on the Coaches Training Institute one of the oldest and most respected. After achieving my certification with CTI I also became accredited by the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach in 2011. 

If you are looking for work you love that expresses your individual talents, values and energizes you each day rather than draining you, I know your story because I am my own success testimonial. I have stood where you are now and coaching was the fuel and the vehicle that moved me to work I love that includes my deepest values and creativity. I use visualization and imagery as well as Strengths Finder and other evaluation tools to assist my clients with discovery and planning.

My clients roster reaches not only from coast to coast but, through the miracle of Skype, to English-speaking countries across the globe. I learned that business boredom and financial insecurity were global and the basics of making business transitions were the same. I come away from each session energized, knowing that my expertise serves my clients as well as bringing me joy and a sense of professional accomplishment. 
I am dedicated to assisting you in building a bridge from a dead-end job, or burn-out boredom to the business you have only dreamed of that will inspire and excite you. Do you want to transform what has become rote into a new paradigm? Then coaching is the place you can finally vision the work that holds passion for you. This kind of transition, from work drudgery to professional work that will showcase your ability, forms a complex, interwoven series of stages that can best be navigated with a professional like me, who has been there and will provide the support and guidance you need. 
As your coach I will assist you in creating the vision of your new work, make plans and set goals to achieve your new business and trouble shoot obstacles to smooth your path. Our coaching relationship also provides the dynamite from which to explode old myths and break through old barriers. With the past as a stepping stone and a fresh, specific plan you are free to finally have the work you love that energizes you and changes not only your life for the better but through the ripple effect, changes the world for the better as well. 
Who I Coach
My clients are primarily professionals at all levels in corporations, businesses, education and service related fields who want more. They are successful, motivated and creative, looking to expand their experience by finding work that is an expression of their passion, expertise and talents. They want to: enlarge their understanding of relationships, find new methods to problem solve, explore and move into new territory. They want the freedom to build a unique business legacy that will support their advancement, personal growth and financial success. They see change as opportunity and even when the going feels rough, they never give up. Transformation is a way of life for them so this is the next natural step.
No matter where you are in your professional life, coaching is the perfect instrument to support and encourage you. Since it is a powerful relationship based on equality that recognizes you are in charge of your life and only you are able to make the crucial decisions and do the work that defines your life path.
Is this your perfect time to shift gears: and and break the barriers of your structured life? In Coaching we will clarify your vision and bring it to life!

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My Coach Training
You want to make sure that any professional personal/life Coach you choose is well qualified in their field. My Coach training and Certification is with the CoachesTraining Institute, one of the original, most respected, and now the largest in-person international Coach Training Institute in the world. 

CTI was founded in 1992 and its founders assisted in originating Coaching as an industry. CTI was the first Coaching Institution certified by the International Coach Federation, the governing body for the Coaching profession. Trainers from CTI were instrumental in the founding of the ICF.  
My training began in 2009 and included 5 months of intensive weekend classes in Chicago where we began to coach our own clients immediately. This was followed by a six month in-depth certification program that included over 100 hours of coaching my own clients. This entitles me to use the esteemed letters CPCC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with my name.  
The International Coach Federation was founded in 1995. The ICF is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches. It offers its own certification programs and in 2011 I fulfilled the requirements for Associate Credentialed Coach, ACC.  I remain an ICF member through its Chicago Chapter to keep up on the latest developments in coaching and to network with other coaches both nationally and internationally.  
My Experience:
Visual Communications Project Supervision at a Fortune 500 Company
University Staff: Project Management.
Real Estate Management
Leadership Development Task Force
Coordinator for non-for profit Social Service Organization
Coordinator and Art Director for Social Service publication
4 Professional Board of Directors positions, including Presidency
Formation and Marketing of 3 Solopreneur Businesses including Advertising and Sales
            for Art, Personal Organizing, and Relaxation Therapy as well as Coaching
Teaching experience includes Heartland Community College, McLean County Art Center,
            Bloomington/Normal Community Education, The Freight House Exchange Art
            Center: Artist in Residence. 
Education and Certification   
CPCC  Certified Professional CoActive Coach, from the Coaches Training Institute
           accredited by the International Coach Federation.
ACC    Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, the  
            governing body of the Coaching Profession. 2010-2015   
 BFA   University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, IL.
 Post Graduate Studies, Illinois State University and the Art Institute of Chicago.
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